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September 16, 2013
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Games 'n' Guys - Germany

'I really need to convince Ludwig to buy some video games.' you thought as you clutch the Wii fit , the Wii, and the actual game in your hands. It's a complete struggle to raise your arm and knock on the door, praying that he'd answer it soon.

And like the saint he was, Germany opened the door after the first knock and once he realized it was  you he quickly helped you out. Taking the games in his arms like it was nothing.

"Engel! Why are you carrying all this stuff by yourself?" he asked , the worry and confusion evident in his voice.

You huff and puff,trying to catch your breath from carrying all of your stuff and walk to his house. Once you were breathing right again, you raised your flushed face to smile up at the buff male.

"I just wanted to spend some time with you.~" you say causing red to paint across his face. He clears his throat to distract you from his blush. "Well come in. I'll fix you some water while you hook..this up."

You both walk inside his well organized home and you both head towards the living room. The space was just as clean as everything else. It was so spotless , you were afraid you'd might dirty it up just by looking at a spot too long.

You start to hook up the game system with ease. Already used to knowing which cord goes where.

All of a sudden, a glass of water appears in front of your face and you nearly jump. You didn't even realize he left the room. You grab it carefully and sip it carefully. You really didn't want to mess up the carpet.

Once you were done , you handed the cup back to Germany and he placed it on a table and turned back to you.

"If you don't mind me asking , (Name), what is that?" he gestured toward your video games. "Oh,it's the Wii Fit. I just added things that you and me both like. You love exercising and I love video games. I thought it'd help us bond more."

A warm feeling spread in the Germanic country's chest at the thought of you two bonding, but he couldn't help the itching feeling of nagging you about your attire. He cleared his throat again.

"Even though you look extremely... nice in that outfit , Engel , it is not proper for a work out. Lilli has training clothes in my upstairs closet. Could you please put those on."

You failed to notice his red face while he stared at your behind as you trailed up the stairs to retrieve the outfit.


"Jesus Christ , Lilli is skinny as hell." you whisper as you check yourself out in the mirror. The shorts were hugging at your thighs and the shirt you wore was no better.

You sigh and leave the bathroom and started to walk the hall of shame. It's not that you felt ugly , oh no. It was the fact that you looked too damn good in the ensemble. 'Luddy's already shy around me. I don't need this right now.'

You reached the living room and noticed that Germany had already started to play. He was doing yoga , which shocked you to no end ,and it was the hardest pose in the whole game. The tree pose.

You noticed how balanced he was, not even wobbling like you usually did when playing. The clapping started before you could stop it and it caught the man's attention. His face exploded in crimson color and he toppled over just as the game finished calculating his score.

Before you went to assist the embarrassed Germany , you glanced at the screen and noticed the high number on it. You've never gotten that high before and the competitive bone in your body was itching to beat your crush.

"Engel , I'm so sorry! I didn't know that her clothes would... You can switch out of them if they make you uncomfortable! I would't mind." he almost sounded disappointed at the thought of you changing , but masked it well.

You giggle at how flustered he was being just 'cause the clothes were too form fitting , but you knew he was enjoying it a little. Italy had told you all about his certain preference when it came to sex. You felt that BDSM outfits were as tight as Liechtenstein's work out attire.

Once the German was up and situated , you set up your game so that you could do the tree pose challenge.

You were always terrible when it came to balance and yoga , but there was no way in hell you were going to sit back and get beaten by a dude who never played before.

You lifted you leg up to your thigh and rose your hands in the air , forming the position needed to get a perfect score.

Not even 30 seconds later and you were off balance and wobbly ,nearly falling off the Wii fit board. Before that could happen , two firm hands placed themselves on your hips and steadied you. You could feel their warmth as the drew closer so they had a better grip.

Your breath caught in your throat as his deep voice rumbled; "Relax. That's what you need to do to win."

You gasp as you felt a pair of lips on your neck. "Lu-Ludwig!~" "Relax ,Engel."

You gulp and shiver as he continued to kiss up and down your neck. You didn't know what came over you , but a sudden burst of confidence caused you to blurt it out. "I love you , Ludwig!"

The kisses stop for a fraction of a second before you heard a soft chuckle. "I know. Italy told me."

You choke and nearly fell off the fit board. The little traitor. And here you thought you had to worry about Taiwan and Belgium.

Though you were doing pretty good at keeping your balance ,something else through you off again.

"Ich libe dich , Angel."

This time he wasn't there to catch you and you fell messing up your score. When the number appeared , it was significantly lower than your lover's.

You turned to glare at him. "Luddy , you cheated!"

He chuckles again and pulls you up. "No , you're just un-flexible and your muscles are too tight." He squeezed your bottom ,causing you to squeal. "But I know something that could help with that.~"

I'm ok with this I guess. Last time I wrote for him it was smut so this explains it.
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