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September 13, 2013
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Before you had signed up to be apart of the military , your family used to run a fishing stall in the market. You being the one to actually go out and get the fish to sell.

Their mouths and eyes were always opened wide when you caught them on your hook. And it was the same expression that Armin was giving you at the moment. You tilted your head to the side and smiled , waiting for an answer.

Armin had to fight the fight the urge to pounce on you right then and there. You were just too cute for your own good and you had no idea how you affected the poor lad.

You rubbed your thumb on the boy's hand to gain his attention again. It twitched in response and the top of his ears grew red. "Study Buddy, Will you help me out?" you ask while leaning across the table to get closer to him , urgent for the right one.


"Armin please answer her. It's hard to watch this dummy flirt with you.'

A good smack to the head shut Eren up instantly. Armin winced as the sound resonated off Eren's skull and quickly answered your question with a yes to  avoid further confrontation. You squealed in delight and jumped across the table to peck him on the cheek.

You rushed back over to Sasha and Connie to tell them the good news. Failing to notice Armin reach up and touch the place that your lips had resided , an adoring twinkle in his eyes


"Sooo, it starts today right?" Connie asked as you and him walk out of your class a few days later.

"Uh-huh! I'm so excited to spend time to spend time with my Study Buddy!" you gushed  a bounce to your step. Connie smirked.

"You mean STUDY with your Study Buddy right?"

"Oh yeah that too." your friend chuckles "I think you have a little crush on him." he says while you both stop in front of the library's door. The place you were supposed to meet Armin.

You turned to him confused. "What makes you say that."

The short boy shrugged his shoulders. "Oh ya know, just the fact that you've been talking about him since dinner the other night. And AND you ditched me and Sasha to sit with him at lunch yesterday to sit next to him."

"That was only because I was confirming if we start today!" you protest.

Connie scoffed and opened the door , nudging you in. "Yeah , whatever. Have fun on your date , (Nickname)." he slammed the doors causing the one in charge of the library to shush you. You flushed in embarrassment and anger , while scanning the room.

Once you spotted the boy you were looking for the frown was instantly gone and replaced by a goofy grin. You practically pranced towards his table.

"Hey , sunshine!~" you whisper into his ear from behind causing him to flinch and look at you. He blushed when he realized what you called him.


You giggle and poke his cheek, sitting in the seat next him. "Yeah. It's your new nickname. Whenever you smile it really brightens up my day~." you purse your lips and puff out your cheeks , trying to be as cute as can be

He gazed down at the book in his hand and secretly smiled. Loving the fact that you two were already at the 'endearing nickname' phase.

"Alright!" you shout  suddenly while slamming your hands on the desk. The librarian shushed you again. "Let's get this started , Armin!"

He chuckles at your enthusiasm and slid the book towards you opening it to the table of contents.

"Alright , (Name). The nape of the neck is a titan's main weakness."


The day has come. All of the trainees were bursting in excitement as you all made your way to the testing rooms. You were wringing your hands , your anxiety obvious. Sasha was walking alongside you , just as bad. She was complaining about how she hadn't study at all that month and would probably flunk. Connie wasn't with you two , but you were sure he was in the same state.

Your eyes caught a glimpse of blond hair and you instantly perked up , pushing people out of the way to get to the object of your affection.

"Sunshine, wait up!" you call waving your hands around and still shoving people. Once you reach him, he barley had enough time to turn around before you flung yourself at him.

"(Name)! What's the matter?!" he asks while rubbing your back. He gave apologetic looks to the people who shot you two glares for being in the middle of the hall.

"Sunny! I'm scared! I know your a good teacher and all , but during the test you won't-." you clutch the back of his shirt. "You won't be there to nudge me in the right direction like always!"

Armin grins and continues to rub your back. He grasped your chin gently and brought you head up to look at him. Your eyes were glossy from your unshed tears.

"(Name) , you'll be fine. You're a smart girl and I know for a fact that you'll pass this and be able to stay. Don't underestimate yourself. Alright?"

You sniff and rub your eyes , but nod. "Alright, but... I'm still scared."

Armin huffed and did something rather rash. He gives you a sloppy kiss on the lips , not quiet used to the whole mouth to mouth aspect.

You were visibly shocked at his bold move. Yeah he had warmed up to you over the past few weeks , but this was-.

He pulled back and to look at your reaction , felling a little smug when he saw how flustered you were.

"That was for good luck. If you pass there's more.~" though he said this with every suave bone in his body he was shaking on the inside, hoping you wouldn't blow him off.

But of course , a kiss from your 'sunshine' got you pumping like your usual self. With a new vigor to get more smooches from the cute blond, you plow through more trainees to get to you designated testing room.

There was no way you were failing now. Those soft lips were just begging to be on yours again.


"Sunshine! Sunshine , Look!" you shout and dash towards Armin. Your test results were gripped in hand. You didn't ace the test, oh no, but you did get a score that would let you stay.

Armin was anticipating your tackle and turned just in time to catch you in his arms.

"Woah! I guess you passed huh, (Name)?" he ask while ruffling your hair , already knowing the answer.

You nodded your head and grinned. "Yep! And that means I get to stay here with you.~"

You stood on your tiptoes and gave him a sweet kiss as a thank you. Armin placed his hands on your hips and pulled you closer , deepening the kiss.

You had no idea how proud he was of you.

-Extended Ending-
"So you and this idiot are dating now , Armin."

"Shut it Jaeger."

"Yes , Eren we are. Why?"

"Like I said, it's hard seeing this dummy fli-."

A little better I guess , still getting used to these fools , but it's fun. Trust me.
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