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Submitted on
April 28, 2013
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((Whoever is the 'preview picture' is the 'main interest' of the chapter))

"G-Give that back!" the red head yelled as he attempted to snatch his I.D card out of your hand. You frowned a bit , dodging his attempts at getting it back.

"The correct way to get something back is to say please. Here say it with me 'Please~'." You grinned as the boy growled at you. He honestly didn't have to be so rude. He was the one that demanded to battle your Chikorita with his Cyndaquil. You won  ,end of story, but of course the asshole said a couple of angry , choice words and proceeded to bump into you , knocking his I.D to the ground.

You giggled as he continued to try and snatch his card , but you kept it out of his reach. You then noticed the boy's name on it.

'Silver eh? What a nice name.~" you thought. While you were gushing at his unique name he managed to get the card , and stepped several steps back.

You huffed as you watched him rush away from you. He was a quick one wasn't he? You smiled briefly while raising your hand up to wave at his retreating form.
"Bye Silver! Hope I'll see you again!"  You laughed as he stopped dead in his tracks. He mumbled something you couldn't understand and rushed down the path again. Faster than before.


The smile never left your face as you walked into Professor Elm's lab.

You were instantly ambushed by a crazed police officer.

"Who are you Huh?! HUH?! Did you steal that pokemon?! DID YOU?! ALL CRIMANALS COME BACK TO THE CRIME SCENE!!"

The officer was in your personal bubble , flashing a flashlight you never noticed before in your face. All you could do was stare, opening and closing your mouth like a fish. Since when was there a crime here? All you did was go to Cherrygrove city and back (sure you were stopped by multiple pokemon and patrons , including Silver, and you did stop to train your Chikorita , but that's besides the point).

The police officer continued to berate you until everyone heard a shout of anger. Your two best friends Ethan and Lyra rushed in. Both of them rushed up to you and the police officer. Lyra pushed you behind her while Ethan got in the police officers face.

"You idiot! (Name) would never steal! She is as innocent as an Eevee so back off!" Ethan pursed his lips at the surprised officer. Then , finally, Professor Elm decided to step in.

"It's true. The culprit is a red headed boy." the Professor chuckled lightly. "Sorry I never told you before Officer Reid. I was too shocked at the loss of a great pokemon."

You and Lyra both groaned while Ethan glared at the sheepish professor. The officer quickly turned his attention to the man.

"Red hair? Do you have a name for this mystery male?"

The professor shook his head. "I'm afraid not."

Officer Reid sighed. How was he going to catch the thief now. You on the other hand shook with anger. 'Did that red head asshole steal one of Mr.Elm's pokemon? Oh he is gonna pay!' you seethed. You stepped around Lyra , who gave you a look of confusion, and tapped on Reid's shoulder.

"Excuse me sir, I know who stole the Cyndaquil."

"Was it you?" he asked , a serious look on his face. You slapped your hand on your forehead , while everyone shook their heads in shame.

"Arceus... NO it wasn't me! It's a guy named Silver! He's on his way to Violet City!" You huffed at the useless cop , who took everything in slowly. He nodded as if he understood and turned towards Elm.

"Don't worry Mr.Elm! I'll be sure to catch this criminal if it's the last thing I do!" Reid proceeded to march out the door , a determined look on his face.

Everyone sighed , glad to be rid of the ditzy cop.

Elm cleared his throat to get you and your friends attention. "Anyway , (Name) did you get the package?"

You smiled and nodded your head while gently pulling out the Pokegg that was in your bag. Lyra and Ethan both stared in awe as you brought it over to Elm.

Elm grinned and stared at the egg , analyzing it. He tilted his head this way and that , pursing his lips. He finally clapped his hands rather loudly , startling you and your friends.

"I've summed up an amazing idea (Name)!~ You shall take thy mystery egg!"

Your eyes widen a bit , but you grinned. "So.. does that mean whatever hatches , I can keep it?"

"Of course , Of course. Just bring it back when it does so I can see what it is!"

You nodded at him , beaming. A new member of the family~ How fun.

"Oh and another thing (Name) , Lyra , Ethan." Elm pulled you all in so that you were directly in front of him.

"How about you three take the Gym Challenge." You looked up at Elm in surprise. Gym Challange? Doesn't that mean you'd have to leave home?

Ethan fist-pumped in excitment. "Awesome! Me and Totidile will kick major ass!" Lyra nodded in agreement, a wicked grin on her face.

"Marill and I won't lose to anyone!"

Your two best friends gushed , going into graphic detail about how they would defeat everyone who stood in their way. You looked down at your Chikorita , who stood ideal the whole time.

"What do you think Chika? Do you want to do it." your Chikorita let out a squeal and bumped into your leg. An obvious sign of 'Yes'

You giggled at it's antics and turned towards Professor Elm.

"Sounds like an awesome adventure~" You beamed.

Bleh this is gonna be a long ass project. Ok this will follow the HeartGold/SoulSilver storyline ((not really, I'm skipping around a lot)) with twists and turns. There will be romance but also a shit ton of friendship with Lyra and the pokemon you catch. This should be a weekly thing I suppose.

Love Interests:
Ethan (Gold)
Gary (Green)
Random Trainers you encounter (Don't worry it won't be a quickie in the woods, if I write for them long enough they might join Reader-tan's trio)

Pokémon So Far:
Yours :Chikorita (affectionately known as Chika) , Egg
Ethan : Totodile
Lyra: Marill

EDIT: I want to add the boys from Unova region but I don't now how they'll fit in D':

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