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May 5, 2013
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((Excuse me while I stare at this Italian hunk of a man))

"Idiota! That is the worst idea ever!" Romano snapped at his brother. Italy flinched and put his hands up in front of him , as if to protect himself from his temperamental brother.

"I'm sorry fratello! I used up a lot of good ideas when helping Big Brothers Antonio and Francis!" the younger Italian whined.

Romano scoffed and turned his head to look out the window. It was a bright sunny day , not a cloud in the sky. A day that would make anyone happy. Except , of course , the highly upset Italian.

'Once again my brother thinks of others before me. There's no way in hell I'm proposing to (Name) like...THAT. It's too damn cliché' Romano continued to fume.

"Fratello. (Name) is a really sweet ragazza. I'm sure she doesn't care how you propose to her." Italy smiled towards his big brother. He didn't mean to give all his ideas to others , it just happened. He didn't even know that his fratello wanted to propose to you.

Romano thought for a moment. His brother did try to help and it was better than getting down on one knee and asking.

After more thinking Romano came to a conclusion

"Fanculo... Fine! I'll use your cazzo idea!"


"I dunno , Eliza. It's pretty weird."

"I'm sure you're just paranoid (Name)~. Lovino won't murder you."

You sighed as you sat at a café with Hungary. You were both discussing a phone call you had gotten from Romano. He asked you to visit him at the park. You were a little suspicious about it.

Romano wasn't the type to call and make plans. He would usually barge in your house , uninvited might I add , and would drag you along to whatever destination he chose (usually Italian restaurants).

"Like I said before , (Name) , you are paranoid. He probably has something special planned and your here stuffing your face with cake instead of heading off to see him. You know how angry he gets when he has to wait."

"But what if... What if he's trying to leave me , Eliza! You know I can't live without him." you trembled at the mere thought of having Romano out of your life.

"(Name) , You know that Romano loves you with all his heart. Whenever you walk into the conference room , his face brightens up and he actually tolerates people. He wouldn't leave you (Name) , you're everything he needs~." Hungary giggled as you took everything in.

After some thought you face palmed. "Gah! I'm such an idiot! You're right Eliza , I'm going right now."

You scooted out of your chair and dashed towards the park.

Hungary chuckled and sighed. She wished that her and Austria still had a relationship as heavenly as yours and Romano's.


"L-Lovi , Sorry I'm late." you puffed out as you finally reached the auburn haired Italian. You noticed , like Hungary had said before , that Romano brightened up at the sight of you. He didn't even have the usual frown that adorned his face , but a tiny grin was evident.

"It's fine ragazza. You made it , that's what matters."

You grinned , glad that he wasn't the slightest bit angry at your tardiness. That's when you noticed a heart shaped balloon behind his back. Relief flooded throughout your body. He wasn't leaving you , he just wanted to give you a balloon.

He noticed your interest in the balloon and gently handed it to you. Once you made a fist around the string , Romano placed a tender hand on your cheek.

You blushed at the contact , his touch always made you shiver. The blush darkened as he placed a chaste peck on your forehead.

"(Name). Do you have any idea how much I adore you?"

You giggled the coloring on your cheeks threating to get darker.

"Ti amo , bella. I want you to always be by my side. Forever."

He cupped your hands in his and lifted them up. Tied to the bottom of the string was a sparkling wedding ring. Your breath caught in your throat. Hungary was right once again. The hot-headed Italian really did need you.

You let out a  happy noise , while you wrapped your arms around Romano. He chuckled and hugging you closer to his body.

You both failed to notice that the balloon was no longer in your grasp until Romano heard you let out a cry of despair.

He watched as your smile crumbled as you looked up at the object , it continued to float higher and higher.

Romano let out a chuckle and pulled you in for another hug.

"Don't worry , ragazza. I don't need a rock to show how much I care about you. All the proof I need is beating in my chest right now."

He laid your head back down on his chest. The 'proof' beating at an impossible rate.

You  beamed up at your fiancé. He was right. A silly ring could never show how much you two cared for one another .~
This was supposed to be out ages ago x-x. Anyway enjoy this Italian hunk~

((If you think he's OOC I'm sorry but he is a lot gentler with the ladies and I'm pretty damn sure he would treat his potential wifu even better so I'm sorry if you wanted him to yell at you or something of the sort))
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ilovemyself12345 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
That's so beautiful and so true about the ringNodding emote X3 Cutie Nod :nods: Nod revamp :wtf: Nodding Rosalina 
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But... I wanted to suck the helium out of the balloon
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I wondered who else was thinking of that!!!!…
Lovino I'm not worried about the God damn ring! I WANT MY BALLOON BACK TT^TT
.... wait a second... I got an idea! *whistles hunger games and raises arm* GO! *bird comes out of nowhere and gets balloon back*
Lovino: what the fuck?
Me: I would have used my machine gun but I didn't wanna pop the balloon
Lovino: that still doesn't explain the bird....
Me: Oh that's bob
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*makes at Romano kittie`s eyes* but it was pretty baloon *grinns a little*
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Then gilbird pops the balloon
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N'aaawwwww I wanted that balloon Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 

Wait there's a ring involved?? Oh... Whatever then
Poetry-Venting Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I'll get it! *screams* LOVINO! YOU BETTER CATCH ME! *jumps out of an airplane* *grabs balloon* *floats majestically down to the earth landing in lovino's arms* Yey! I got da ring! Lovino: dafuq?
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