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March 12, 2013
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“Damn you Francis. Why do I have to make all of these clocks!” Germany growled. Italy wasn’t exactly helping either.
“But what if big brother Francis needs these clocks!” Italy whined. Germany was about to object when the door swung open showing a distressed Frenchman.
“Oui! Ludwig! I need your help!” France cried.
Germany felt surprised. “What do you want Francis?” France rushed up to Germany clinging to him.
“I want to propose to my lovely lady, but I want it to be special! What do I do?”
“And what makes you think that I have the answer?!” France shrugged
“I do not know, but you could think of something.” Germany tried to suppress his anger when Italy suddenly came bouncing up to them.
“I know what you can do Big Brother Francis!” France (feeling desperate) turned around to listen to the Italian man.
“Okay! This is what you need to do. Ve~”
You were in a very bubbly mood. Walking down the street (on the way to France’s house), waving to everybody that walked by. All you needed was a big lollipop and you would be set. Only one person could cause you that much happiness and that was France.
Every bad thing England said about him was wrong. France was an amazing man. Everyone said he was a womanizer, but he hasn’t looked at another woman since you’ve been going out. You smiled. Thinking of him made your heart skip.
Once you reached his house, you pulled out the key and wasted no time opening. You immediately spotted France.
“Hey Francis!” France jumped at the sound of your voice.
“Ahhh pourquoi avez-vous aujourd'hui l’amour [1].
You gave him a confused look.
“I always come over at this time. Are you hiding something?” He let out a nervous laugh.
“No, belle fille. I just wanted to give you this clock.” You gave him a blank look.
“You’re getting nervous because you wanted to give me…a clock?” He nodded.
“Well that’s new.” You laughed.
“This is the first time you’ve ever given me something that’s not jewlery or roses.”
“Ohohonhonhon~ Anyway do you know what time it is [Name]?” you looked down at your watch “11:59. Why?” France went wide-eyed and ran towards the back of the house.
He came back with your present.
“W-wow Francis.” The clock he had showed you was elegant. You felt a smile form on your lips. “Thanks Francis that’s really-“ before you could finish your sentence, the clock struck twelve and a cuckoo clock bird sprung out with an engagement ring around it’s neck.
You quickly snatched it away before the bird could escape back into the clock. France waited for an answer. Your smile never faltered and you gave France a peck on the cheek.
“Francis. I would love to marry you~!”
You know how I said that this will be the last one I don't rewrite. Well I lied. People are requesting these like no tomorrow and this was one of them so I just decided to post this. And also I should be making a start page later on in the day so keep a look out.
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