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July 11, 2013
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((Headcanon: Since Haru has a weird obsession with water , I believe that he also has a keen love for the things that reside in it. I also believe that he has a deep fascination for mermaids which explains his wacko behavior in this here fic))

"Mommy! Mommy! Look at the pretty mermaid!" a little girl practically screeched as she pointed at you frantically over the railing.

You put on a smile and waved at her , causing her to shriek in joy and attempt to climb towards you , but her mother quickly grabbed her , reminding her that there was water surrounding you and it was an embarrassment to the family.

You chuckled as the mother scolded her child ,already used to that same little speech. Little children always attempted to swim out to you , whether they could swim or not.

You really enjoyed your job for the simple fact that kids admired you because they thought you were really magical.


"H-Hey you! That's against the rules!" you heard someone yell and you felt water splash against you. You turned in the direction of the sudden onslaught and gasped at the sight before you.

A boy was floating peacefully. His mouth agape and facial features so serene. A pink blush blossomed on your face when you noticed that all he wore was swim trunks. He continued to float , coming closer to the rock you resided on.

When his body reached you , his eyes shot opened and landed on you. They widened for a fraction of a second , a twinkle to them. He stood up at full height  almost reaching your torso.

You two stared at each other. Him occasionally looking down at your 'mermaid' tail before going back up to your face.

You cleared your throat in embarrassment. "Um. You do realize that... you're not supposed to be in here , ya know."

The boy snapped out of his daze and answered. "But it's water."

You waited for him to explain further or at least better than 'it's water.' but the way he was looking at you told you he literally jumped in here for the liquid. You furrowed your brow in confusion.

"It's.. not even that hot. Why did you jump in?"

"I like water."

You could feel a gray hair growing atop your head as the boy gave you short (and completely wack) answers. You were so wrapped up about his strange answers , you didn't even fell the little tug on your tail.

"Is this real?"


He tugged again and looked at you with admiration.

"Is it real?" he repeated  "Does your tail help you flow through water easier?" he questioned , a little excitement laced with his dull tone.

You stared at him. He had to be nuts. Off his rocker. Completely wacko. There's no way someone would actually believe your 'tail' was real. He waited patiently, as if people weren't yelling and taking pictures of him.

You swatted his hands away. "No it's not real and I highly doubt I can swim in th-". You were cut off when his hand grabbed yours and yanked you into the water. It was cool and relaxing , but that didn't soothe your anger.

You swam up and nearly head butted the boy , who had a shadow of a smile on his face.

"Are you crazy! I could have drowned!"

He shook his head. " You're a mermaid. That's impossible."

You growled and poked his chest. "It's just my job! We're at an aquatic theme park you weirdo!"

He grabbed your wrists and placed his forehead on yours , causing you to blush a deep red.

"I don't believe you." he breathed out , staring at you with shining blue eyes.

"Wh-What do you mean you don't believe me! You paid for a tic-"

"Marry Me."

"No! Get outta here! I'm not a fucking mermaid! You felt the tail , it was obviously made of material!" you snapped. "And I don't even know you , don't ask questions like that!"

"Nanase Haruka."

"That doesn't help at all!"

"Marry Me."



It was then , you discovered , that being 'magical' wasn't worth the hassle.
BACK FROM VACATION!~ And I don't update with important stuff like requests or continuations , but I give you THIS! A SOME WHAT OOC HARU-CHAN! I'M SO GOOD TO YOU GUYS AMIRIGHT! (You can hit me for this later)
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